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2.5 ARRT Category "A" CE Credits

Successfully complete this module to receive 2.5 ARRT Category "A" CE Credits. Module includes all required reading materials as well as access to take the certification test. Certificates can be printed or saved.


1. Identify and evaluate the functionality and risks of the magnetic fields used in creating an MR image

2. Define ACR recommended Zones for an MRI suite

3. View recommendations for safest operation within Zones II-IV

4. Define and identify level I and II MR personnel

5. Establish FDA limits to the static magnetic field

6. Identify the value of ferromagnetic detection systems relative to Joint Commission recommendations for MRI safety in preventing missile injuries of the static magnetic field

7. Define SAR and identify risk factors for SAR absorption in the patient

8. Establish FDA limits to SAR thermal induction

9. Define MR system operating modes at it relates to SAR and temperature increases

10. Identify parameters and options that increase SAR in an MR examination

11. Establish the importance of SAR limiting techniques available to the MR technologist

12. View and identify vendor terminologies for both parallel imaging and flip angle modulation techniques

13. Define flip angle modulation as an advantageous method of reducing SAR in an MR pulse sequence

14. Identify the three gradients used to form an image, and the effects on a patient

15. Define FDA limitations to the time-varying magnetic fields

16. Discuss labeling and management of MRI conditional implants

17. Discuss administrative efforts to ensure collaborative efforts in the assurance of best practices related to MRI safety

18. View examples of implants and their specific conditions for use in an MRI suite

19. Establish MRI contrast safety measures related to recent ACR contrast manual and FDA bulletins

20. Define both gadolinium retention and gadolinium relaxivity

21. Compare and contrast linear vs. cyclic gadolinium based contrast agents
  • MRI SAFETY - Instructional Material
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 1 year