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3 ARRT Category "A" CE Credits

Successfully complete this module to receive 3 ARRT Category "A" CE Credits. Module includes all required reading materials as well as access to take the certification test. Certificates can be printed or saved.


To become familiar with basic MRI theory, establishing how the system works and the potential pitfalls

To learn a brief history and understanding of field strength and MR signal

To understand the three magnetic fields and how they coincide to form an image

To learn the functions and biological effects of the static magnetic field

To learn the functions and biological effects of the time varying magnetic field

To learn the functions and biological effects of the radiofrequency field

To grasp the basic concepts of the slice select, phase encoding and frequency encoding gradients

To learn the various methods of accelerating MRI at the operator console, and their inherent risks

To understand Half scan and Rectangular FOV options

To understand aliasing artifacts

To learn about parallel imaging as it applies to the MRI technologist decisions at the operator console

To learn the artifacts that step from parallel imaging, as well as their remedies

To identify motion artifacts

To define and identify chemical shift artifacts

To understand magnetic susceptibility artifacts, and possible remedies

To learn gradient moment nulling as flow compensation techniques apply to clinical MRI practice

To identify RF zipper artifacts

To identify Gibbs truncation artifacts and the corrective measures

To define partial volume averaging artifacts

To define and identify dielectric effects

To distinguish cross talk artifact from cross excitation

To discuss metal artifact reduction techniques in MRI

To identify moire fringes artifacts

To identify FID artifacts / fine line appearance, as well as possible remedies

To identify the cause and remedy to the magic angle artifact

To define and identify annefact artifacts in the clinical MRI setting
  • MRI ARTIFACTS - Instructional Material
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 1 year